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Spooky Squashers is an arcade sports game about killing ghosts with a squash ball, available now for iOS and Android

I’ve always found squash to be an incredibly underrated sport, particularly in the video game realm, though I’m admittedly a tad biased since I play it weekly. It’s often unfairly forgotten since most people’s go-to racket sport is usually tennis. But when I heard that Spooky Squashers was now available for iOS and Android, I […]

Galarian Yamask will make its Pokemon Go debut this Friday as this year’s Halloween event gets underway

Last week, Niantic announced a Ghost-Type event that will be taking place on October 25th. Today, they’ve unveiled details on what other spooky happenings players can expect in the game to commemorate Halloween, starting from 23rd October and running until November 3rd. First up, it will see the debut of Galarian Yamask. The Spirit Pokemon’s […]

Rainbow Six Siege coming to Xbox Game Pass for Android later this week

Microsoft has just added a new giant offering to Xbox Game Pass’ mobile library in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Announced in a blog post over on the Xbox website, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can enjoy the highly competitive FPS on their Android devices from Thursday 22nd October, streamed directly from Microsoft’s servers. Rainbow […]

Mortal Kombat Mobile’s latest update introduces MK11 Noob Saibot to the roster

Warner Brothers’ Mortal Kombat Mobile had added a new Diamond character to its ever-growing roster with the arrival of fan-favourite Mortal Kombat character MK11 Noob Saibot. Beyond that, they have also introduced a host of new features. MK11 Noob Saibot will be available for players as an exclusive Faction War Season Reward. Once obtained players […]

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