Nuts N Guts Preview

The gameplay of Nuts N Guts will be pretty familiar if you’ve played any type of poker game before. All players will ante to start the hand and be dealt two cards. You’ll then have a round of betting where you can bet, raise, or fold. All players still in can choose to discard one of their two cards to get a new one. Another round of betting. And then the player with the best hand card wins.

The difference here is the game isn’t just 52 cards with a rank and suit. Instead, there are 63 cards representing different poker hands. And 20 wild cards that will give you a special ability. They offer things like making another player discard a card, play with their hand face up, or bet even though they don’t want to.

When it comes to showing down your hands the player with the best hand card wins. So if you hand consists of just two wild cards you can’t possibly win (unless you get everyone else to fold). And if you have two different hand cards (say a three of a kind and a pair) you can’t combine them into a full house, you just choose your best one to play.

Nuts N Guts is essentially poker with all the math stripped out. It becomes a raucous party game. The focus is bluffing and well-timed special actions takes the place of calculating odds and evaluating betting ranges.

To be fair, the hand ranks here are really just for show. The hand ranks can basically be numbered 1-63 (and in fact, they are, for those who aren’t familiar with poker hand rankings). So you know the relative strength of your hand compared to the rest of the available deck without having to really do any calculating. But you can’t always be prepared for all the special events that may ruin your plans.

If you have a strong hand and bet it aggressively someone might play the Switch card to exchange hands with you in the middle of the hand. Or they might make you discard your hand and draw a new one. Of course, this adds a whole new level to the bluffing as you might want to feign strength to get someone to waste their special abilities on you.

Credit: Nuts N Guts Preview

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